Steam generators

Active since more than 50 years in boiler construction, Thermic Engineering has constantly adapted its boiler designs to included all the advantages of the new materials,  new technology or new construction (welding) methods.

Our boilers and heat recuperation boilers are  thus ‘state of the art’ and are user-friendly ,  require low maintenance and have very high efficiencies. 

Our typical designs  reduce also the need for a lot  of refractory  which improves the  lifetime of the boiler, improves the flue gas quality  (NOX levels) and reduces also the maintenance costs. ( See less refractory  and  easy access during possible repairs ) .

In case  you are planning a new boiler  and have problems due to not enough available place in the boiler house or in your factory we are always able to solve  such problem as we will design the new needed boiler in such a way that he can be erected ( vertically and horizontally) on the available place.

Contact us if  you have such  problems.