Boiler parts & Spare parts

Heat recuperation boilers located behind furnaces or incinerators burning solid waste produce frequently aggressive or polluted flue gas.

These boilers must therefore regularly be checked to be sure that the pressure parts keep their necessary thickness and strength.

Due to wear and tear and sometimes due to specific aggressive reactions between the flue gas and the metal walls, the superheaters or other boiler elements (evaporator tubes, membrane walls etc.) must after some years be replaced with new tubes.

Our company is specialized in the design, supply and installation of all types of heat exchangers (superheaters, evaporators or economisers) which are to be replaced.

As our company is already active in this field for more than fifty years, we have a great experience and we do have even the drawings and details of a lot of boilers parts supplied in the past by other boiler manufactures which do not anymore exist nowadays.

In some cases, our clients do not wish to stock a lot of spare parts themselves and  ask us to manage their spare part list for them. You can maybe find the spare parts that you are looking for with us!

Our company provides spare parts not only for boilers but also for combustion rooms, incinerators, burner combustion systems, pumps, fans, valves and instruments etc.
If you need help or if you want that we redesign and supply you new identical spare parts, contact us.

We supply such spare parts all over the world.