Soot blowers Steam, compressed air & Sonic

Soot blowers “blow” the ashes and other dust particles accumulated on the heat exchange surfaces of the boilers. This is done by special rotating lances (retractable or not )  using steam/water or compressed air propulsed at a high speed.

 Part of the soot and deposits will be transported by the flue gasses to the flue gas filters located between the boiler and the stack. The  bigger deposits will be dropped and will be collected below in the hoppers.

Soot blowers can be of different type that all have their specific advantages and inconveniences:

  • Steam : Using steam as cleaning medium.
  • Water : Using water as cleaning medium
  • Compressed air : Using compressed air as cleaning medium
  • Sonic devices: Using  sound waves (Compressed air at a low frequency) as cleaning  medium.

 Based on our experience we can give you good advice in this matter. Also, when sootblowers are installed in superheaters or in other heavily loaded heat exchange area special protecting covers are to be installed around the tubes in the near vicinity.

Our company designs, supplies and installs different types of such protecting covers.