Rapping systems and Beri-Mobile

 Thermic Engineering designs and supplies rapping cleaning systems. These can be fixed or mobile like the Beri system.

The Beri Mobile cleaning system is a rapping cleaning system specially developed by Thermic Engineering for the automatic cleaning of the heat exchange banks in boilers having an horizontal design.

We can describe this mobile cleaning system as a small trolley moving on rails along the boilers external walls. A knocking system is fixed on this trolley.

All the rows of the evaporator and superheater tubes, which are hanging in the horizontal part of the boiler, are regularly cleaned by this Beri Mobile rapping system. The cleaning is done automatically and is programmed in a local PLC allowing flexible adaption’s of  the cleaning program and other  operational parameters.

The cleaning is done by the vibrations transmitted by the rappers mounted on the trolley which moves along the boiler walls. The rappers knock on the main lower collectors of the hanging panels.

Due to the vibrations transmitted to the tubes, having important deposits , the slagging and deposits  on these  tubes will drop in the hoppers  below .

A transport system located at the exit of the hopper evacuates then these deposits to the outside.