Heat recovery steam generator

Thermic Engineering boiler department started in this specific field around 1960.

The majority of the waste heat recuperation boilers designed and built by us, are boilers located behind or  above the furnaces.

During the last 15 years, the furnaces were mostly completely integrated  in our boilers in plants incinerating municipal waste and/or industrial waste.

New regulations and new technologies obliged us to regularly  adapt and improve our boilers and   new boiler designs  were  continuously created by our company.

We have built as well vertical as horizontal HRSG.

In  our references list , you will see a lot of examples of boilers incinerating municipal waste and also biomass heat recovery boilers.

All our boilers are always custom-made and designed to fit to our client’s technical requests.

Thermic Engineering has up to 2010 engineered and/or realized more than 120 integrated boilers and incinerators burning municipal waste or equivalent in Europe and abroad.

About eight very big boilers incinerating municipal waste were designed by us and were  built based on our detailed engineering by local main contractors  in China and Singapore. These boilers are also equipped with our Beri Mobile Rapping systems.