Cogeneration plants

Thermic Engineering designs and builds cogeneration plants since more than 30 years.

More than thirty big vertical cogeneration boilers were manufactured in the past in the workshops of Brouhon (Chaudronneries P.BROUHON  – Awans/ Liège-Belgium), which  belonged to our group. The workshop in Awans was closed for economical reasons ten years ago but Brouhon Boilers moved to Brussels and is still active in the engineering , repair and maintenance of their boilers ( Brouhon SA).

The capacities realized by us go from 5 MW up to 85 MW. Most of them were installed behind gas turbines.

The biggest cogeneration boilers engineered by us were equipped with diverters, a post-combustion and fresh air fans. 

Horizontal  cogeneration boilers were mostly  designed and realized by Thermic Engineering, which is still doing the engineering, supply , erection and start-up of such types of  cogeneration boilers.

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