Repairing and Rebuilding of boilers

 Repairs on our boilers or on boilers from other brands are realized by the maintenance and boiler personnel active in our industry department.

 If you have a need to repair or adapt you boilers you can contact us.

 As we design and built our own boilers, we have the expertise to do all the needed repairs or even to replace complete heat exchange banks or membrane walls if needed.

Redesigning and replacing superheaters or economisers in existing boilers is also one of our activities.  

We  can  for example  redesign and adapt complete boilers and also the existing combustion  system to meet the clients new demands which mostly occur when there are  changes   in the available fuels , in the needed process parameters  or due to other reasons.

These activities includes among others:

  • Repairing leaks
  • Applying new  cladding with inconel or other materials
  • Repairing/Replacing of tubes, membrane walls or tube panels
  • Repairing/adding or redesigning equipments like valves, desuperheaters ,instruments, pumps  etc
  • Repairing/replacing or adapting burner systems (oil to gas or to biomass)
  • Replacing/Redesigning/adding boilers parts like economizer, superheater, membrane walls etc …

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about these services.