Design and Engineering

Thermic Engineering was originally specialized in the design and engineering of different types of boilers which were manufactured in workshops belonging to our group or in other workshops abroad manufacturing our boilers under our license. 

Later, our company expanded his activities by acquiring other companies and by proposing to our clients to realize by preference new investments on turn-key basis.

We do for example the design, engineering, erection and start-up of complete boiler houses, separate boilers, dryers, gasifiers or specific heat exchangers such as separate superheaters or economizers.

Possible supplies or adaption works with regard to the piping, ducting, racks  etc. are mostly   done by our specialized piping division.

Our design and engineering department has the tools, programs and experience to do the complete mechanical, thermal, civil and electrical design of complete turn-key projects or parts of it.

We realize the full automatisation of boiler or cogeneration projects or of other similar industrial applications and process systems (water treatment, dryers, HVAC,…).

We can offer all these services and  equipment on turn-key basis and built for you for example small power plants.