About Us

Thermic Group – General Presentation

Our “Boiler EPC” (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) division is active worldwide since more than 50 years. The EPC  of turn-key projects involving different types of industrial boilers is one of Thermic’s key competencies.

Our agile teams, backed by a very long list of references and know-how, work closely together with our clients to engineer and find the most cost-effective solutions for their particular needs.

For some export projects our steam generators are built or partly assembled or manufactured abroad under our license by specialized and approved manufactures.

The main types of boilers designed and sold by us are known as Thermic Boilers and Beri-boilers. The Brouhon boilers are commercialized through Brouhon SA which belongs to the Thermic Group.

About Us - TBoilers Activities diagram


Our main activities are the engineering, the detailed design , the manufacturing, the erection and start-up of :

  • Industrial steam generators
  • Hot water boilers
  • Heat recovery steam generators (HRSG)
  • Integrated heat recovery boilers incinerating municipal solid waste (MSWI)
  • Cogeneration boilers or plants
  • Biomass  boiler or plants
  • Small power plants  integrating following equipment  : combustion system – boiler – gascleaning filters – steam   turbine – electrical power generators.
  • Process gas heat recovery units
  • Fluidised  bed boilers

All our installations are custom-made and are designed to match the specific needs of our clients.

We also design, supply and start-up other complementary products and services in the energy  and environmental field. Examples are:

  • Industrial equipement such as dryers, gasifiers etc.
  • Boiler cleaning equipment (sootblowers, airpuffs etc.)
  • Flue gas cleaning system and Denox systems
  • Instrumentation and control systems
  • Fuel firing systems
  • Air preheaters
  • Piping and valves, fittings etc.
  • Gas duct works
  • Stacks
  • Steel structures
  • Stairs and platforms
  • Deaerators
  • Pressure stabilisation units
  • Water treatment systems
  • Expansion tanks
  • Feed-water pumps skids
  • Chemical dosing units
  • Blow-down flash tanks
  • Retrofitting
  • Maintenance
  • Process automatisation (new or adaptions)
  • Spare parts for industrial boilers and industrial equipment

Designing and engineering of boilers and boiler houses on turn-key basis.

Usual parameters

  • Steam production up to 120 [T/h]
  • Maximum pressure up to 80 [Bar]
  • Superheat up to 525 °C

Usual purpose

  • Producing saturated or superheated steam (natural circulation)
  • Superheated water boilers
  • Heat recuperation boilers

Projects and fuels

We design and supply complete turn key projects with integrated boilers on/or after incinerators or combustion rooms firing all types of fuels such as fuel oil or waste oils , natural gas, municipal solid waste, biomass, waste process  residuals,  chemical products residuals, coal, woodpellets, etc.

If you want to optimize and transform the energy content of a specific biomass fuel, we can execute a pre-study and later also the complete detailed design and implement such project for you.

Our strength is our big experience, our  flexibility and our  capability to design a complete adapted plant including, if needed, a fuel transport system (screw conveyor, belt conveyor, piping,…), a fuel pretreatment (dryer, filter,…), a firing system (furnace, burner,…),a boiler with superheaters and economisers, flue gas filters and cleaning system, a steam turbine and a electrical power transformer.

Boilers type and brands

We design and supply as well water tube boilers as flame tube boilers.

Our available boiler types (see different workshops and origins) are known as :

  • Thermic boilers
  • Beri boilers
  • Brouhon boilers

A lot of different designs can be proposed and supplied by us. The geometrical design goes from small compact two drums steam generators to large vertical or horizontal heat recovery boilers.  We also design vertical or horizontal hanging boilers or HRSG with specific supporting systems that allow vertical and horizontal dilatations.